WPF Unleashed

Part I Background
1 Why Windows Presentation Foundation?
2 XAML Demystified
3 Important New Concepts in WPF

Part II Building a WPF Application
4 Introducing WPFs Controls
5 Sizing, Positioning, and Transforming Elements
6 Layout with Panels
7 Structuring and Deploying an Application

Part III Features for Professional Developers
8 Resources
9 Data Binding
10 Styles, Templates, Skins, and Themes

Part IV Going Beyond Todays Applications with Rich Media
11 2D Graphics
12 3D Graphics
13 Animation
14 Audio, Video, Speech, and Documents

Part V Advanced Topics
15 Interoperability with Win32, Windows Forms, and ActiveX
16 User Controls and Custom Controls
17 Layout with Custom Panels

Appendix: Helpful Tools

Some Praise

WPF Unleashed - Best programming book ever?
"Adam Nathan has really nailed this ultimate guide to WPF. ... This is not a knock on the Petzold or Mooney titles, but Adams book is in an entirely other category."

Adam Nathan's new WPF book is awesome!
"The best book currently out there on the subject. Full color throughout and a masterful treatment of the subject. Gets you productive and inspired very quickly."

WPF needed this book
"I bought this book because everybody rated it 5 stars. Guess what? They were telling the truth! If you plan to work with WPF, you should buy this book."

They don't come better than this
"Adam Nathan's "Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed" is one of the best treatments on what is a very large subject area that I've read. Adam presents the material in a way that anticipates your questions and will have you itching to get at the keyboard to try some of this out. This is no small trick, there's a huge amount of information in this book - but Adam's depth of experience and enthusiam for the subject is very seductive."

No one else talks about much of what is in this book
"I have been developing in WPF for 18 months and wish I had this long ago. There are things in this book that I can't even find in the documentation for WPF."

Nova on paper
"With Adam's text, the great art of writing and telling a story, down to finessing the words and imagery so it's just right is back for dev books; we're taken through many around-a-corner, under-the-hood turns, subplots that come together, guided by a masterfully woven storyboard (as it were) that, at the end of each chapter enlightens you with relevance and true insight. Better yet Unleashed gets the creative/imaginary juices going, really explains why WPF matters, empowering you to just rock with it."


(Updated 12/22/2006)